Thursday, June 23, 2016

What I dislike from Indonesian ( As an Indonesian)


Despite of people’s friendliness and warmness, I still have some major pet peeves of Indonesia people. Some are acceptable, and some are  get on my nerves. As a thumb of rule, what you read here are not 100% represent what Indonesian is like, there are always exception. But yes, majority of Indonesian are.

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1.       Discipline issue.
You can easily spot this by how they act in the street.  There are always driver who don’t stop at Red light. Passing pedestrian area, not wearing helmet,  not turn on the signal when they turn, indiscriminate parking, and so on. It’s not only happen on the street, but anywhere. From home to public places. Smoking in public area, coming late, littering. We have a problem with being discipline and following the rules. not all, but majority is.


2.     Indirect
 As Indonesian, I really wish we being upfront were acceptable in society. It’s tiring to constantly say “it’s okay” while it’s actually irritating, just to avoid argument.  When your neighbor playing exceptionally loud music or his dog barking all the time, most Indonesian will remain calm over the nuisance than speak it out. Indonesia people prioritize other people’s feeling over themselves, which is sometimes good . But keep the bitterness and complain unexpressed will do damage for  mental health. 


3.       Rubber Time.
This habit is terribly bothersome, not only for Indonesian but also foreigners. It’s embarrassing that Indonesian is  well-known for being late or what we called rubber time. When you made appointment, expect them to show up 15 or 30 minutes late from scheduled time. Indonesian also not cooperative when it comes to let you know they’re gonna be late while you’re waiting. They don’t bother to call and inform you where they at, how more minutes you’ll wait, or when the exact time they will get there. They will keep you wondering till you get the final answer that it cancelled when you’ve been waiting for goddamn 30 minutes.


4.       Conformist
In terms of fashion, lifestyle, hobby, music  and other things, Indonesia love to conform to majority. It is part of our collectivist culture. They like to follow what’s popular and blindly follow them so they can be part of society. From my own small observation, 7 out of 10 women wear the same brand of handbag. Walking around the popular place in the city and you can find out this to be truth. Ask them why they choose that particular brand and the answer is nothing more than that’s what lots of women wear. Majority taste over personal taste. Most Indonesian are not encouraged to embrace their individual uniqueness since they were kids.  When they have different choice and taste, they should be prepared to be interrogated “why you choose  brand A than B?”, “why you like this than that?”, “why don’t you buy the happening one than this?’, and question is go on and on and on.

5.       Trying too hard to look rich.
Most Indonesian people put lots of emphasis on materialistic things. Fine if they buy those luxurious things by working their a** off and have enough money by their own, but for Indonesian, for the sake of impress people, they push beyond their limit. They owe money to support their lifestyle, to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have.

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6.       Being introvert = there’s something wrong with you
Okay, it might only my personal opinion that being introvert is less accepted in Indonesia than a sociable one. If you like to spend your time alone, talk less, don’t like being in social situation. Prepared to be labeled as weird or anti social. Indonesian people seems hard to grasp not all people are social, enjoy being among people, or talk endlessly about anything.  If you are a naturally quiet person, they’ll assume that you are shy. When you don’t contribute much in conversation they’ll ask “are you okay?’. Yes, I’m totally okay, I’m just…. Quiet.

The last piece, but I don’t  know what the correct subtopic I should give, so I remain it with number only. Most Indonesian people don’t know how to respect other people time. They can come over anytime to your house, literally. While you’re taking a nap or just had dinner, without any prior notice. They rarely ask “when is the right time?” because any time is right.

Pffffhh, seems I whine too much on this post. But no, writing this doesn’t mean I hate my country. Just like we love our parent, sibling, or significant other, and there are part of them we can’t stand.  But still, that doesn’t change the fact that we love them dearly. I do love Indonesia. Sure, there are things I rant about, but there are also thousand more I’m proud of. Hopefully i can post things i love from Indonesia anytime soon. thank you for reading anyway ;)

* Jangan komen kalo cuma ngarep kunjungan balik. Jadilah blogger ikhlas :)